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»Name: Megan
»Favorite Bands [at least 10]:Madison,emery,kill me tomorrow,the chinese stars,senses fail,the weakerthans,Last days of april,brand new,yeah yeah yeahs,my hotel year.
»Favorite Movies [at least 5]:Murder in Greenwich,fight club,They,any ninja turtles movie,SLC punk
»What do you call having a good time?Its not really just happens
»How about partyin'?I do it

»What do you think about Bush?we don't agree to much
»How did you find out about this community?searching for people interested in the chinese stars.
»Picture of yourself [at least 5]:

same as my icon

sorry that its blurry

our backseat pictures....and shes my twin(Its a long story)

I also fake my own death for entertainment.

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